Refund Policy at Cafirmshop

Our priority is customer satisfaction. In the event, if users are not satisfied with the services provided, we will refund their money.

        1) Refunds will only be considered in an event that is clear, and the reasons provided must be genuine. And one more thing, we will decide after examining the user’s problem.

        2) If we fail to provide the user’s service, but they have paid for the service, the user will be liable to mention it to us within 24 hours.

        3) If we have filed your application and the government rejects your application for any reason, then we will refund only 50% of the amount.

        4) Before refund processing, we have the right to do the best we can to fulfill your service. In the case, certain services like Private Limited, LLP, company registration and etc. where government charges are applicable. Only professional fees are eligible for a refund.

        5) If a refund is requested 15 days after the purchase of the service is completed. This type of refund request will be considered invalid.

in the end If we fail to provide service to our users, we will refund the money. Applicant must apply via email to