Starting a business by attach your car with Ola cab is the most excellent option to earn money easily. Transportation becomes very easy with the availability of more transport facilities in India. Especially with the introduction of cabs, most people prefer to save their time to choose the fastest way to travel. Cabs companies are growing rapidly because many people in the modern world prefer to travel fast and preserve their floors. Now there is a new way to earn more money with cab services. Starting a business with Ola is the most excellent option to earn money easily.

What Are The Basic Requirements For Attach Your Car With Ola Cab Companies?

  1. First of all, you need a car in good condition and a driver has a commercial license

2. You have to reach your nearest regional office or you can call the main branch immediately for fresh enrollment of your car.

3. Additionally, submit your identity proof, vehicle documents, driver identification proof, and commercial license.

4. Also, you need a smartphone including an Ola app on it.

5. Similarly, the Ola company or team will look at the condition or condition of your car at your nearest regional office.

6. Also, start a current bank account

7. Follow the guidelines and suggestions.

8. Similarly, you can now manage your Ola cab in your city or town.

Documents required to attach your car with Ola cab

  1. Driver Documents:
    • ID Proof, Address Proof, and Police Verification.
  2. Owner documents:

If you are single owner and want to register as a simple proprietorship Firm.

  • Take a service tax registration certificate
  • Open a current bank account on the basis of Service Tax Registration Certificate.

If you have partners then you can register as Partnership Firm.

  • Drafting Partnership Deed
  • Register with Registrar of Firms
  • Apply for PAN Number and open a Current Bank Account
  • Apply for Service Tax Registration.

If you have any co-founder of this business then you can register a Private Limited Company

  • Apply for DSC and DIN Number.
  • Apply for Name Approval, MOA, OLA with Ministry of Corporate Affairs.
  • Apply for PAN Number and Open a Current Bank Account
  • Apply for Service Tax Registration.

What are the types of cabs available in Ola?

Some of the types of Cabs offered by Ola are:

  • Ola Micro
  • Ola Mini
  • Ola Share
  • Ola Prime (Sedan, Play, SUV)
  • Ola Autos (Auto Rickshaw)
  • Ola Rentals (Rent a car)
  • Ola luxury
  • Ola Shuttle

How to make online registration to connect the cab with Ola

Initially, the driving person has to register or sign up with the Ola Cabs official website. Follow the below step to easily register in the Ola:

  1. Go to the ola official website partner page.
  2. Additionally, full up your essential and basic details in the registration form.
  3. Moreover, the Ola team will call you in the next 24 hours
  4. Now, contact us person for the legal documents or enrollment like Gumasta License or firm registration or current bank account opening etc.

How much money or profit does Ola Cabs make?

On finishing a single drive the Ola company uses only 10% payment on the full cost of the bill which will be determined by the Ola app. Ola also offers bonuses that are given below.

Peak hour timing: (7 am to 12:30 pm and 5 pm to 11 pm is recognised as peak hours)

  • Bonus On-Peak Hours – Whenever you make any ride on peak or busy hours then you will be given 250 INR to your bank account as a reward or bonus and it depends on you how much you complete ride on-peak hours. Additionally, for every ride 250 INR as a bonus on-peak hours.
  • Bonuses and rewards on airport drop – Whenever you drop a customer any passenger to an airport then you will be given 800 INR to your account.
  • Therefore, rewards or bonuses on 12 ride finishes – Whenever you make 12 rides in a particular day then you will receive 4500 INR bonus in your account.


  • earn up to Rs. 1,00,000 per month.
  • 24*7 driver assistance and support
  • Further, work as per your preference
  • payment settlement every day
  • Additionally, direct payment receipt
  • 102+ cities with 3.5 lakhs cabs 




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